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02-May-2015 13:01

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The real telltale — his X factor — is that Danger Mouse productions somehow sound at once nostalgic and futuristic.

Back in 2008, when we named him one of The 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century, Danger Mouse told us, "I've never looked at what I do as simply helping someone make his record better.

You have to want to work with me." In one sentence he's summed up everything that's been great (or terrible) about his records with Beck, The Black Keys, and Norah Jones.

To work with Danger Mouse, you've got to compromise your sound — best-case scenario, you're meeting his halfway.

"Produced by Danger Mouse." These days, few album credits carry as much cachet.

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They invested in themselves — literally (I can't imagine "Produced by Danger Mouse" comes cheap) — by giving up a part of themselves.

He's that heavy-handed, his fingerprints are that unmistakably unique.

Perhaps that's why he's more often thought of as a "collaborator" than a "producer." A Danger Mouse production features a whole lot of, um, Danger Mouse: typically, crunchy drums, thickly layered synths, tasteful strings, and a dash of whimsy.

Zero 7 "Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix with MF DOOM)"Because this über-creepy lullaby crafts unique layers of weightlessness from not just the helium-fueled vocals but from uncharacteristically unadorned drum and keyboard programming.

The Good, the Bad & the Queen, "Herculean"Because while the airy choir is here, too, it's a reminder he doesn't always get enough credit for his immaculate touch with percussion — you can hear shakers, maracas, eggs, and vibes, piled high, but never piled-up.When Norah Jones released her first album, Come Away With Me, in 2002, her expectations were distinctly modest.