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05-Mar-2015 09:47

While most people would think Ternovskiy crazy for not taking the money and running, he looks to have turned the site around.Those naked men, of which there are thought to be around 50,000 per day, are now earning Chatroulette 0,000 per month. Ternovskiy introduced a content control system and figured out how to make each naked man a revenue stream.That cuts down on the amount of naked man shots other users get to see each day.But Chatroulette doesn’t just ban the indecent user, it redirects them to an adult website.More and more men were removing their clothes before loading up the site, and while at first that formed free publicity that attracted users to see what the fuss was about, eventually other users just didn’t appreciate it.It is thought that around 60% of the traffic Chatroulette saw at the height of its popularity has now gone, while the naked men have remained.Andrey Ternovskiy When Chatroulette first appeared on the web it was a bit of a sensation.The idea was simple: allow anyone with a webcam to chat with another individual at random.

It proved popular and hundreds of thousands of people started visiting the site every day.The content control system allows a user to flag someone as performing an indecent behavior.If a user gets flagged enough times in a short space of time they are banned from the site for 40 minutes.Every time a referral happens to such a site Chatroulette earns a bit of cash, and with so many naked men using the site it soon adds up and generates that 0,000 monthly income.

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The 18-year-old Russian creator Andrey Ternovskiy was inundated with buyout offers that would net him millions.

He turned them all down surprisingly, right before the traffic to Chatroulette started to decline rapidly. The main reason for the loss of interest in the site seems to be the naked man issue.

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