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13-Sep-2015 10:54

A lot of you make more money than us and are willing to pick up the check, yet still my lady friends can’t seem to find even a simple winter’s bone.But the sad truth is that we, the dudes of Brooklyn, the broliteriate, if you will, are apparently not helping the situation at all.Not to mention that Adam, once he went all stalkery and creepo, instantly became the most realistic character on Girls.I have seen that inky stare of desperation across too many faces, even including one that was being dragged away by the cops in practically the same situation (LEAVE MY LIFE OUT OF THIS, LENA).I present exhibits A through Z: Every single time there’s some sort of singles event/date-off/sexy party, the place is with ladies, and not just any ladies, but babes, cute girls with food blogs, light brown hair and quirky skirts or tall ones with stylish glasses and a hopeful smile who can’t help but bite the side of their lip out of nervousness.

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She’s got binders full of women, and practically no men, so much so that 2. This is what is called a “love discount for heterosexual men.” I truly do not get this phenomenon, but it’s not limited to this event by any means.

It seems like we have only heterosexual women signed up. HETEROSEXUAL MEN: sign up, because even if you’re a terrible human being, it seems like the odds are in your favor. Back in early Brokelyn days, we hosted a BK Meat Up with Fucked in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based, and, when piles of eager women signed up, we were forced to offer a “scholarship” for dudes.

The final one was probably 70-30, with girls visibly crestfallen at the prospects when they walked through the door.

You imagine the dudes of Brooklyn sitting at home wondering why they could never get a date while furiously masturbating to the avatar of Princess Peach in Mario Kart, while all these girls were milling about the Bell House with drink in hand, wondering why no one would talk to them.

Not to be a Dennis Downer, but it probably sucks to be a single lady in New York City, especially of the attractive, driven, smart type, which, last I checked, is like 85 percent of yous.You outnumber dudes, so you are forced to hit on whatever human mackerel you find swimming around at Lucky Dog or whathaveyou.