Observablecollection not updating ui

10-Aug-2016 07:13

See: I tested this using a Reactive List instead of an Observable Collection and sure enough there are the missing items.

Alright I think I was able to create an extremely contrived example that seems to demonstrate the behavior (I realize the clearing of the list makes no sense but it's needed to recreate the behavior in this App) https://github.com/Pure Ween/Xamarin Formsi OSList View Reactive List --code behind adding to the Lists https://github.com/Pure Ween/Xamarin Formsi OSList View Reactive List/blob/master/The App/The App/cs So when I run this project on i OS the List View bound to the Reactive List stops displaying items that have been added after the 4th item ....

That task may have been running to completion this whole time or it might not even have started running until you call await.. in fact my main application no longer uses Xamarin Forms and I have all of this working swimmingly with a Reactive Table View Controller....

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Marking a method async just indicates to the compiler that this method is going to awaiting something so it's telling the compiler to compile the method using a state machine.. telling the compiler that you want to be able to use the “await” keyword inside the method (you can use the await keyword if and only if the method or lambda it’s in is marked as async).

In doing so, you’re telling the compiler to compile the method using a state machine, such that the method will be able to suspend and then resume asynchronously at await points." all await is is the developer indicating ok I've reached a point in the code where now I need the result from this Task... My main application doesn't use Clear or really look like this..