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02-Dec-2014 09:29

My guess is that these men feel that they have low social status, and that this makes them either 1) not attractive, or 2) not deserving of sex.In fact, this could be unconscious - some men seem to tacitly think of themselves as low-status men, and this gives them a general pessimism about their ability to succeed in any social interaction, be it friendship, sex, or business.

Actually, I've noticed that women, when they feel like they can't get sex, also seem to feel unhappy and grumpy.But since young men tend to be more aggressive than their female counterparts (see previous paragraph), the frustration that comes from feeling like one isn't able to get sex seems often to translate into aggression in men, but far more rarely in women.Time to write about a very uncomfortable subject that is also not anywhere close to my own area of expertise.A lot of people will be inclined to give this post an un-charitable reading, which is inevitable, so before you explode with rage, realize that A) I know I'm not any kind of an expert, and B) I might be saying something more nuanced than you think I'm saying.

You'll probably explode in rage anyway, and I preemptively apologize for raising your blood pressure.I also apologize for the blatant heteronormativity of this post. It seems to me that a big problem in the world consists of angry young men doing aggressive things. Another is online intimidation and harassment of women, like we've seen with #Gamer Gate. I don't know why young men are so much more prone to aggression than other groups - most people just wave their hands and say "testosterone", while I tend to just shrug and say "whatever".

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