Online dating sites for freaks

29-Dec-2014 17:36

) Everyone and their brother are online looking for love.Maybe you’ve just been “looking for love in all the wrong places!” You can skip sorting through thousands of dull, undesirable profiles on the big dating sites and stop wasting time with people who don’t share your flair.To change your strategy and narrow the field…sign up to one of these niche dating sites that fits the bill: Geek used to be an undesirable name, but oh, how times have changed! Huffington Post reports that online dating is now the second-most common way for couples to meet! Serendipity works for some, but you don’t have to wait forever for fate to bring you love. says 40 million Americans use online dating sites, which is about 40% of the single population according to the US Census.

Geeks are now the hot, high wage earning, gadget loving go-to-guys and gals who have garnered the respect from the masses! No sense wasting time with your beautiful blond if she’s allergic to man’s best friend!If you’re a geek or are hoping to attract one, check out one of these dating sites for people with higher intelligence and a propensity towards tech. If you’re really into pet friendly people, there are several sites that bring together people and their pets.Dating can be difficult, especially when you have different needs or are looking for a specific type of partner.Luckily, online dating is here to save the day, providing the most WTF of communities to choose from.

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I can at least see how this would be useful in looking for someone with a similar lifestyle. There's a fetish for everyone, even people who like dressing up as animals to get it on.

Other things that are banned: being a redhead, having pasty skin, having fat rolls, having "weird pubic hair", and more!