Online dating sites using userplane

18-Apr-2015 14:56

Rene Tapia took the time to answer my questions and share their experience of integrating Web RTC into their service. Maxi Amigos is a free site for making new friends and online dating, focused on helping people make true and meaningful friendships in the real world.If you read the testimonials in our front page, you can find testimonials from users that found their wife or husband at Maxi Amigos, or made a very good friend, or whose circle of friends is now mostly people from Maxi Amigos.We believe this is a big step forward in that direction.But if you could have a voice conversation (without having to give your phone number right away), the tone of voice, the intonation, the way the other person talks, etc, could tell you in a few minutes if there is good chemistry, and if you would like to take this friendship further, and maybe meet this person in real life.Since our objective is to help people make true friendships in the real world, we are very excited about the addition of voice conversations in Maxi Amigos with Web RTC.Dating in Brazil has never been more fun, now that Maxi Amigos is using Web RTC.[If you are new around here, then you should know I’ve been writing about Web RTC lately.This of course gives us a ton of satisfaction, but we still have many exciting ideas to implement.

And even with IM, there can be many distractions and interruptions since people are usually multitasking while they are IMing.

And in the end, when you meet somebody in person, there might not be that much chemistry after all.

You can skim through the Web RTC post series or just read what Web RTC is all about.]Dating is one of those markets that just cries out for Web RTC.

It made perfect sense for me to reach out to Rene Tapia, CEO of Maxi Amigos. To me it was the perfect example: How great can that be?

Our users communicate primarily though offline messages and instant messaging (IM).However, going back and forth with offline messages can take a lot of time, and a lot of work.