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06-Dec-2014 16:05

One woman said she went on 100 dates on Match before she met her fiancee. I've met several nice men on OKC, when I was single, and it's free, so I never feel I "have" to do anything on the site to "get my money's worth" so to speak.And another friend went on maybe 60 dates on Match before he met his fiancee. It's had the best selection in every place I've lived, U. and Asia (English speaking Western men for Asia; obviously, there are probably loads more native guys on native sights).I maybe browsed Plenty of Fish but I didn't like the design of it too much and reminded me of myspace.I did a 6 month Match subscription and hated it after 4 and cancelled. And yes, there were some strange ones in there too.I was on Po F for all of 10 minutes and deleted my account. I thought the quality of men was much, much better on Match and their search feature was superior.I'm considering making a jump to services where you have to pay, but I want to make sure it would be worth it. There's a kind of interesting article on this subject here: The OKCupid statisticians did a little breakdown of the subject, though it only exists in cached form as it was deleted when they were recently bought by Match . I have a number of problems with it though, including the fact it was a piece written by a free dating site about all the advantages of free online dating. Either way, I seem to hear about more positive things from pay sites than free sites. I'm sure there are creeps, flakes, weirdos and generally 'unattractive' people on all dating sites, so make sure you do some searches for people in your area to make sure there are some you want to try and talk to before parting with your money. Are you looking to find a good person to settle down with and have a long relationship with with the possibility of marriage? Found it hard to land as many dates as I wanted, lowered my standards and ended up having some less than desireable date experiences due to the lack of respectful and honest women I had been meeting.

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For people that have used pay dating sites and free sites, I'm curious to hear what your opinions are.I've used free online dating sites for some time now and I'm not exactly having a great experience with them.I'm considering making a jump to services where you have to pay, but I want to make sure it would be worth it. Most of the people I know who were successful via online dating treated it like a job.They went on date after date till they met a suitable companion.

That seems like an awful grind, but they got what they wanted. If I were older, and more intense about it, I might use Match, but even then . I did a 3 month subscription on Match and liked it very much.Personally, I'd rather find my "soul mate" in a different way. I chatted and did a few phone calls, but ultimately only went on one date. There were alot of nice guys but I just happen to be ultra picky.