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12-Feb-2015 17:27

Remember to be Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) when you can!As the great PUA guru ‘Mystery’ once said, “ Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase”.[That concept has stuck in my mind ever since I got into pickup.It’s a set of social withdrawal tactics that are pre-planned.As human beings, we always desire what we cannot seem to have and grasp.

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Cat-String Theory by Mystery is based upon (selective) withdrawals.

For example, I had one girl that amazed me, a girl I wanted to hook up with when I wasn’t Alpha.

The man will often give in and comply to any of her requests; “take me here, buy me a drink, meet on this day” blah blah blah. This is why Cat-String Theory has become one of my favourite theories and developmental logics that I follow and practice.

Cat-String Theory to me and many others, is also known as ‘deliberate withdrawal’.

Cat-String Theory is something you can develop over time: short or long. It will stop you from being needy to which is essential in pulling women, resulting in positive progress on your all-round game. If by text, don’t always reply nor have a straight pattern.•Going in for a kiss, pull away, blow her a kiss or stop and say, “ you haven’t earned one yet”, I always get a humoured reaction from that and many have said, “ how do I earn it”?

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