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The majority of groves were destroyed by the freezing temperatures experienced in successive winters of 1985-1986, in particular by the January 1985 cold wave, the worst since 1899.

The financial setbacks, not the first in the grove region's history, were too challenging for many growers.

Economically destroyed, many walked away from the land and its obligations. One of the region's major land owners and growers was the Tropicana company.

They, however, also withdrew rather than try to come back from these seemingly endless generational decimation.

With no realistic avenues for agricultural use of this rural land, and Florida's continuing strong population growth and its attendant needs (aided and supported by the success of nearby Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida), these areas began and continue to be swallowed up by growing housing developments.

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Several counties, such as Osceola, Seminole, Lake, and Volusia were carved out of Orange County.

Orange County was renamed from Mosquito County for the fruit that constituted the county's main product.