Outlook calendar tracking not updating meeting acceptances

13-Sep-2016 08:16

Click Day, Week, or Month to switch between the views.It can help to define the differences between Appointments, Meetings, Events, and Tasks to better understand which entry you would like to enter into your calendar: Appointment: An appointment is an activity that involves only you, at a scheduled time.If you only wish them to view your calendar, you will want to use the sharing option.The recipient gets e-mail notification that you have shared your calendar.You can also request that the recipient share his or her Exchange Calendar with you.In order to view someone else's calendar, that person must share his/her calendar with you as well.

By Wallace Wang Each time you organize a meeting with Outlook 2013, you create a small flurry of e-mail messages inviting people to attend, and they respond with a flurry of messages either accepting or declining your invitation.You may have a good enough memory to recall who said yes and no, but fortunately, Outlook keeps track of who said what.To check the status of responses to your meeting request, follow these steps: Sad to say, only the meeting organizer can find out who has agreed to attend a certain meeting.If you plan to attend a certain meeting only because that special someone you met in the elevator might also attend, you’ll have to go to the meeting to find out if she or he is there.

You can select the way that your calendar information is displayed by clicking Calendar in the Navigation Pane.

Click on a date in the Date Navigator, found at the top of the To-Do Bar.

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