Pagan poly dating

15-Aug-2016 18:48

But as someone who's committed to challenging cultural norms, I was extremely hesitant to simply indulge those fantasies.

I wanted to understand why I wanted a wedding, and to know I was doing it — if I did it at all — for the right reasons.

Planning my second wedding: funny how what was important the last time isn't this time I'm engaged and planning for my second wedding.

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Once I began to seriously entertain the idea, it was a short leap to start daydreaming about the wedding.Did I really need some kind of ceremony to solidify that?Would I just be buying in to social expectations, trying to make my non-traditional relationship appear more "normal" by getting married just like everyone else?I used to worry that this part of my motivation was somehow inauthentic, as if I would be using my wedding to prove something.

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When my boyfriend first mentioned the possibility of getting married someday, I was taken by surprise."Sure, I'd marry you if it was legal," I told him. " We're polyamorous, and I've been legally married to my other partner for over a decade.

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