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Around 50% of Palestinian Christians belong to the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, one of the 15 churches of Eastern Orthodoxy.

This community has also been known as the Arab Orthodox Christians.

The census recorded over 200 localities with a Christian population.

The totals by denomination for all of Mandatory Palestine were: Eastern Orthodox 33,369, Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) 813, Roman Catholic 14,245, Greek Catholic (Melkite) 11,191, Syrian Catholic 323, Armenian Catholic 271, Maronite 2,382, Armenian Orthodox (Gregorian) 2,939, Coptic Church 297, Abyssinian Church 85, Church of England 4,553, Presbyterian Church 361, Protestants 826, Lutheran Church 437, Templars Community 724, others 208.

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, is the leader of the Roman Catholics in Jerusalem, Palestine, Jordan, Israel and Cyprus.

‎‎) are Christian citizens of the State of Palestine and number some 38,000.

In the wider definition of Palestinian Christians, including the Palestinian refugees, diaspora and people with full or partial Palestinian Christian ancestry this can be applied to an estimated 500,000 people worldwide as of the year 2000. In both the local dialect of Palestinian Arabic and in Classical Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic, Christians are called Nasrani (the Arabic word Nazarene) or Masihi (a derivative of Arabic word Masih, meaning "Messiah").

There are also many Palestinian Christians who are descendants of Palestinian refugees from the post-1948 era who fled to Christian-majority countries and formed large diasporan Christian communities.

In the 1922 census of Palestine there were approximately 73,000 Christian Palestinians: 46% Orthodox, 20% Roman Catholic, and 20% Eastern Catholic (Uniate).

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