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22-Jan-2016 01:57

For dessert I made crème brulée for the very first time! But, since I made it too late in the day and it needed to chill in the fridge for at least four hours, we weren’t able to have it right after dinner.

I ran to the store and bought some fresh fruit and cheese to have with our bread, which ended up looking like bread sticks, but which still tasted good, even if the crust ended up being extra crispy/hard.

If I was on top of things even more I could’ve made French toast to start off the day. It’s the effort and how it tastes in the end, right?

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We talked to the kids about Paris, France, and the Eiffel Tower and countries and continents a little too.

If I was on top of it, we would’ve had some awesome French music playing too, but I wasn’t.