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Olympic duels that may not make it to Moscow - if Moscow is boycotted. Unspeakable atrocity in Cambodia, Pol Pot regime, includes Jim Clark, Chris De Lance.

Full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with cross country skiers.

Found painting by Frederick Church, very pretty painting of ice burgs. Full page Lincoln National Life insurance ad with vintage photo of Abraham Lincoln.

Bill Rush, student at the University of Nebraska, cerebral palsy. Tension rises in the Persian gulf, includes photos of the Soviet ship Marshal Voroshilov.

Feature on the Hare Krishnas, New Vrindawan, former Keith Ham, more. Wonderful funny photo of Courtney Brown pulling a "full sized ocean liner" with a rope.

Two page color Lane Pearson Furniture ad with three piece stuffed sofa set that doesn't really look like it goes with anything else in the room, the two page bedroom furniture ad is much better. - The flowering of US folk Art, includes Howard Finster, Elijah Pierce, Mattie Lou O'Kelley, Miles Carpenter, Ralph Fasanella. Super full page color photo of motorcyclist Bob Pounds riding with his dog in California, blue Honda, black and white dog. Cool Le Car ad, full page in color, with it cutting in front of semi truck - wise? The broiling summer of 1980, includes a graphic looking photo of watermelons rotting in the fields in Frio County, Texas, also the story (no photo) of Willie Jones whose body temperature reached 115.7 degrees and survived. The sad fate of our stray dogs, Doug Ditrich, Eddie Fermaint, New York ASPCA, Animal Rescue Squad, Carin Sacks, a very sad story. The fierce young warriors of the Maasai, rite of passage, Africa, Masai. World's best medical shock team, care of accident victims at the University of Maryland hospital, Baltimore, Shocktrauma team, includes truly gruesome page and a half color photo of medical team standing in blood, patient Warren Howard.

Full page color Olympus OM 10 camera ad with Cheryl Tiegs. Khomeini's fierce outcry against America, photos include a big group of muslim beating themselves (! Full page color RCA television ad with lady surfing. Two page color Congoleum flooring ad with little ballerina and ballet troup.

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Art historian Anthony Blunt was a spy for the Soviets. Whatever became of Mary Astor, Pola Negri, Billie Dove, and other lost stars? Two page color Clairesse hair color ad with Cheryl Tiegs. The Lake Placid Club in 1904 as photographed by Irving Stedman, includes skijoring (behind a horse), a skier, sulky racing on Mirror Lake, tobagganing, more. A number of letters to the editors pertaining to the Cerebral Palsy article in LIFE January 1980. Two page color Volkswagon Vanagon ad, in red and white.

Looking into the 1980's - future portrait of America. Hunting Nazi henchmen in the US, includes Frida Michelson, Karlis Detlavs, Frank Walus, David Gelbhauer, Serge Kowalchuk, others. Upcoming Olympics and slalom skier to beat, Ingemar Stenmark, Steve and Phil Mahre, others. Cubans in Angola, Castro's auxiliary army in Africa. Two page color Honda ad with CB125S, CM400E, and 194 cc Twin Star motorcycles and the exhortation to always wear a helmet and eye protection.

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