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The two could be seen happily chatting as they ventured out into the water together, clearly enjoying a bit of alone time before reuniting with their children back at the house they were renting for vacation.

(born July 27, 1972) is an American actress, comedian and singer.

Friend Will Forte substituted for her during that episode.

Her ability to change her looks and her command of many accents also led to her playing an unusually wide range of ethnicities on the show, often with only a change of wigs.

Riperton incorporated this into her performance of the song on The Midnight Special.

Near the end of the "Lovin' You" track, Riperton can be heard singing "Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya".

As "Nooni Schoener," Rudolph, along with Fred Armisen, created a couple from an unspecified Scandinavian country, who have unplaceable accents and bewilderingly foreign manners.

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