Perils of mommy dating

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The person who needs to have fun is Anna (Drue’s date) so they have to be nice to her no matter how much of a spoiled bitch she is. That he can fiddle with it all he wants, but the thing is ready to have credits attached and be shown to an audience. It’s strangely touching at the same time that it’s ominously foreboding. He sincerely compliments Dawson’s movie, and Dawson tells him they should make another one soon. Brooks’, to the emotional swell of acoustically mellow tunes, tells him any time. Joey tells Drue he needs to start being nice or she’ll hit him again like she did in the break room when he KISSED HER WITHOUT CONSENT. Drue knows Joey wants him to be more like Pacey, who he then points out is having a “….tribe of people who banter?

Damn, there goes that middle class inferiority complex rearing it’s ugly head again! Anna gets out of the car and mixes up who is Joey and who is Pacey, by which we are supposed to know she’s a dumb blonde. Chelsea: He asks for Dawson’s help getting from his wheelchair to his lounge chair, an interaction that is clearly just a guise for Mr. Or the tribe of people who continue to subscribe to outdated and harmful cultural stereotypes of the homosexual community?

Since Pacey and Joey are “the perfect couple” – ACCURATE – she thinks they’ll be a good influence. And oh yeah – there are a bunch of super classist and judgmental remarks thrown in for good measure, but what else is new, am I right? Jack makes a quip about not wanting a repeat of the soccer team incident, and Tobey tells him to “) SERIOUSLY, TOBEY?! She asks where they’re going, and Dawson says they’re going to a concert at a club the next town over.

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Gretchen tells Dawson that a couple of her friends are in town the next night, and want to meet him, and Dawson gets all squirmy because meeting new people – ew. Drue’s mother is being awful to Drue, and we catch the tail end of some lecture she was giving. Brooks’ medicine from the pharmacy, and Dawson JUST SIGNS THE LEGAL CONTRACT WITHOUT READING IT. Pacey tells Gretchen her outfit is too slutty for date-going, even though it’s a long-sleeved crop top sweater (and this is the 90s).

Gretchen insists they’ll love him just as much as she does and the two kiss over the bar. He calls her a Disney villain (not even close – she’s like 10,000x more evil than anyone Disney dreamed up) () and stalks off as Joey comes in to ask for a Friday and Saturday off so she can go on her senior trip. Valuable life skill number 1: don’t sign anything legal without reading it first, you dumb blonder spider human. He urges her to put on something shapeless and baggy, and she reminds him it’s not a date, it’s a group activity.

Hopefully this episode will bring us way less emotional abuse! Gail is upset because Gretchen in taking personal calls at work, instead of doing her job and getting more wine.

Chelsea: She stalks away, and of course Dawson arrives with said wine in hand.

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He says he wants her anywhere – on a boat, on a trip, on a mountain…Pacey, your growing sexual frustration is so overwhelmingly obvious. Dawson is all “but mooooooom, you’re embarasssssing meeeeeee” and tells Gretchen and her friends he’ll meet them outside. Everyone is playing miniature golf (oh, do I remember those dates!Joey seems oblivious (duh) and reminds him that it doesn’t matter if they have fun. Brooks asks about Gretchen, and Dawson explains that she’s amazing but they’re taking things slowly. Brooks warns him against going too slowly, that Dawson has plenty of time to fall in and out of love more in his life. He then FLIPS OUT on Gail, saying that he’s mortified and if she wants to flex her parental control muscles she’ll just have to wait to do it on baby number two, because he isn’t having it anymore. ) and Drue is being an awful garbage human to his date – which is pretty much the same way he meets every other human.