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10-Oct-2016 00:08

Burn the iso to a CD with the special iso burning file command from the menu of your burning application.Do not simply copy and burn the iso file, this would not work for booting.The included Firefox may be old, but you would anyhow have to install current browser releases yourself.What would you recommend - Puppy Linux or Damn small Linux or something else?I would suggest CDlinux and in the older version 6.0.1 , if you only want web browsing, and do not need office applications.You should have a broadband DSL (ADSL) connection, not a dial-up connection.

peseditcom 2016 patch 38 transfer updating 07062016-43

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echo "Sorry no files found to match $DATE date."# Uncomment following if you wanna open all files using vi #vi $FLIST Above script use for loop in shell script to match file one by one, if file date is matched it start to append file names to $FLIST variable.