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28-Jul-2016 18:58

One of our traveller members once seduced a very hot airline counter worker when his guitar went missing travelling from Argentina to Britain.

He gave the counter girl his contact details after a flirty yet professional conversation and sure enough when she phoned him about the airline finding his guitar, he was able to organise a personal liaison which resulted in him getting laid by a very hot chick and having a free place to crash on the weekend.

Once you get your girl on the phone it is time to pull out your best game because this phone call could very well decide whether things go to the next level or not. What stuffs most guys up when they are calling beautiful women is that they get so nervous and worked up about calling a girl they like that they end up stressing themselves out and either end up sounding like a weird bumbling idiot or worse, they don’t call at all. Although you want to be unique and interesting when chatting up beautiful women on the phone, you don’t want to be a scary capricious weirdo.

If you are able to disengage a girl from her phone call and chat her up then you are doing pretty well.

Unfortunately however, it is quite hard to do this without there being some kind of emergency within the immediate vicinity so you are better off playing it cool till they finish their phone call, or you could just yell “Fire! If you think you have seen the love of your life walking by in a busy street on the phone, then by all means go for it!

Just don’t expect her to be too receptive initially because she might think you’re a bit crazy.Today we are going to learn how to better seduce beautiful women over the phone and what warm blooded man wouldn’t want to learn how to make beautiful women blush and dote with the silky smooth sound of his voice?Although nine times out of ten when you give a girl your number she is not going to call you, she might text you if you’re lucky but generally it is better to be the one making the call.After all, you are the man here, not her and if you think guys are pussies about calling girls, girls are even worse, they have no balls, literally.

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Whomever the apple of your eye may be, she no doubt has access to a telephone and chances are this is your best chance of establishing communication with her.

So the first step to seducing a girl over the telephone is getting her phone number or alternatively getting her to call you.