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22-Aug-2015 04:48

I always try to see only positive features in people characters. I invite you to take the journey with me, shed your inhibitions and surrender to sweet submission. with domination and role-play i will gently lead you to the hidden depths.

I'm looking for a sub that willing to obey and be mine through my lifestyle Pervy? To pervy ull be banned :3 The only people who can go way pervy ish: Jerbear, Quinn, Char Char, Nuu(snuggles) , Benny Wenny, Jayy, Andy Pandy, and anyone else thats meh friend.

Thanks for your co operation Guyssince its harder for gay girls to find each other, and most of my mates are single and never seem to find someone, i figured i would make this group, maybe some other people have the same problems we do :) and EUWW NO GUYS please its annoying when u keep telling us ur horny. theres also a bedroom and kitchen behind the pool of water.

its HORRIBLE xoxxo I am here to find my second half. It will give much pleasure if I have an opportunity to take care of my beloved woman Welcome to my world of Domination and BDSM. WEll that all for now, please enjoy yourself and no fighting.

IM for your pick of a word for the day (I stoled for chu jerbear x D) Word of te day- Barnicales (compliments of meh)654jyr6ojnhoemtokherokypok4kmelkhmjetknkjhnjs btghwbsijwjgoiwhokmeokwmyhji3hju896ty63uhyijwnsrjyneijngihuhheu8shngihwenruhgneihnhientiuhn4iunhinterijtnhij46iuhnjftntbkjrntmtokgeiotjy98u53i0uyjslkaermgklsnguybwiughkengijbeiuhyui3ojhosnkjhniuenhiueiujhienhjk dkjnhiueniuyj3oijyok3en hkjenriugh3oijyoijh3hjgetkmgneoitjhpjhiotenjgnrspig0jerjkgnjketjghoejoyhneojtnhoklejpogjy5oiejhoentmoklhtgjoeitjhoijomhglkekgttejogntemngejoihjoethjiohentjklhlentehiuthgiuehgouehognteldkemglkjgim coming nice good..

I strongly believe that we are all like angels with only one wing. I am your Goddess of sensuality and erotic desires. This room is for women, cd's, TV's and anyone who loves having pretty feet pedicured and then in sexy high heel mules, ankle strap sandals, slingbacks open toed and closed toed and sexy pumps, D'Orsay pumps both open toed and closed toed and with heels from 4 1/2" up to a very erotic 7" stietto heel.

To fly we need to find our second half, tight together and rush into the life, full of joy and happiness. It is not a problem for me to communicate with different people. Expert in all aspects of controlling your fetish desires, role play fantasies and perverse requests. Welcome foot and high heel fetishists and those wanting to become footslaves.

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i am a cool guy and I love just to hang out and chat with people all the time.but i have a great chat room and i just like to hang out like I said before in this description i just like to hang out and profile picture is with me and my sister. This is where i go when i need to be alone or to have fun.