Plenty of fish online dating service

31-Dec-2015 23:51

I cannot say how bad the new site is In most cases we are rating the people on the site rather than the site itself.

The site is clunky and outdated but you can search, message, and retrieve messages so for free you cant really complain about that! The ultimate issue is that I have received absolutely no response from POF from my repeated attempts to contact them to get help for this site. It's the complete lack of customer support that has be so discouraged, and inspired me to write this review.

I think that I am at least an average looking 49 year old woman. I was given the opportunity to contact POF through this site before writing this review, which I did. I thought it was a waste of time but it isn't I met the love of my life there we connect right away and we talked the same day all night we met went for a few dates& we are now 8 months,together as a boyfriend and girlfriend we can't be away from each other from one second he sees me or I see him every weekend thank you pof!

I have a great job, own my home, stable children, a good home life, financially stable, friendly, and very active. Had to create another profile just to contact those I was communicating with. However, based on my experience, I have absolutely no confidence I will receive a response. I was super skeptical about Plenty Of Fish as id heard a few negative things so went in thinking id hate it but what d'ya know, it's not so bad!

I chatted with 2 men in law enforcement that both asked for pictures that I was not comfortable with taking/sharing. I did not comply and obviously did not meet in person either one of them... Several men who wanted to sex text...especially those who message you after 11PM. I was exchanging messages with some women, and all was good. I was on this site a while, and I've been on dates with some strange men, however I waited and waited and just as I was about to give up, I met this most normal, genuine perfect guy!!!

I don't frequent the bars or into any drugs use. 4 out of 4 of them when I asked for a recent picture the time span ranged from 3 months old to several years. With so may personal Web sites, and so many free personal Web sites (like POF), this lack of customer service is absolutely unacceptable. Took them up on a valentines offer and have stuck with it ever since.

So with that said I do not believe that dating sites are going to be the way that I will meet a man who has a similar life style. 3 out of 4 when we met I did not recognize from the pictures. You can tell theyve put a lot of thought into it, it's super modern and super easy to search and send messages.

Created a new profile after I blocked him and contacted me again. Anyway, im not saying youre guaranteed to find love but it's another option that might help. You get contacted by many thieves form Africa trying to lure you into some kind of scam. Never had so many issues with scammers on Mingle2day or be2 but just use your common sense and don't fall for them. Less than an hour later her profile was ENTIRELY DELETED! I thought it was some error so we created a new one, had to pick ANOTHER user name, used the same photo from her bday party, her and my brother but very clearly HER! She emailed them, got a generic reply that they "can't answer every email" and nothing since.

Another guy who's profile picture was so different from what he sent me on my phone and he didn't actually live in the state that he claimed got angry with me when I told him the his misrepresentation scared me and there was no way that I would want to meet him in person. She's alone and lonely and I'll NEVER convince her to do this--she's humiliated!!!The married men..the call reverse app folks and a phone number early on do your homework! Then, when I went to sign in one day, it said my pw was incorrect. I tried again, going extra slow, to make absolutely sure I was entering it correctly, same response. I didn't think people existed like that never mind on POF...

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