Podcast not updating on ipod

23-Dec-2014 07:19

If not, you’ll have to enable Auto downloads for the particular subscription from within the Podcasts app. As you can see, this is great if you’ve got a few channels that you listen to.However, in case you’ve got podcasts channels where you listen to the episodes rarely / infrequently, it doesn’t make sense to auto-download the episodes (which eats up a lot of space).

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i Tunes can check these feeds automatically and update your library with new podcast episodes.Auto-Downloads is an essential feature for quite a lot of podcast listeners.Auto-download is an important feature for power users of the Podcasts app.If you are regular user of Apple’s Podcasts app and are looking for ways to switch ON the auto-download feature, here’s a nice short tutorial that’ll help you. If you want to enable Auto downloads for all the podcast episodes from all the subscriptions, you have to do it via Settings.

You can change the settings for each podcast separately by choosing the podcast in the Settings For pop-up menu.

The settings are as follows: If you sync podcasts automatically to your i Pod, don’t set the Episodes to Keep pop-up to All Unplayed Episodes — use All Episodes instead.