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07-Jul-2016 11:01

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The education level of voters in the exit poll also shows key trends.But, despite his divisive rhetoric, Mr Trump held on to roughly the same share of Hispanic voters as Mitt Romney claimed four years ago.He also drew around the same level of support from black voters as Mr Romney won.

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As the dust settled after the extraordinary victory of Donald Trump, a clearer image emerged of those who were responsible for making him President-elect.By comparison, 80 per cent of black men voted for Hillary Clinton, who also attracted the support of 93 per cent of black women.Many predicted his remarks would drive women to vote for Ms Clinton and a visible gender gap is seen in the exit poll data, however women's support for the Democrat remained fairly consistent with how they had voted in previous elections.The gender gap for Ms Clinton – the difference between the number of men who voted for her and the number of women who voted for her – hit 13 percentage points, but Ms Clinton's support support among women was roughly even with the support that women gave Mr Obama in 20.

Eighty-eight per cent of black voters supported the Democrat, while well over half of Hispanic and Latino voters also backed Ms Clinton.Mr Trump predictably garnered the majority of the white vote, with 58 per cent casting their ballots for the Republican.