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14-Feb-2015 11:25

Still every once in a while you’ll get a whiff of landlord behaviour that makes you realize that these are the guys who ruin it for the rest of us.

Can I put a stop on them and have my daughter pay her cash on the 30th instead?

I’ll also let tenants post date checks to match their pay periods.

It’s easier for everyone and needless to say if they call me and there’s a problem…I pull the check, to try again another day.

They scan that little bar code on the bottom and make sure the amount of money is correct and that’s it.

As a property manager I have to love post dated checks, properly used they are wonderful. Well before the fist of the month you can prepared your deposit for the first and just deposit the money. They only have to worry about getting the money in the bank.

Here’s one more tenant who will never give post dated checks to any landlord ever.

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Her account was minus 0+ and we do not have overdraft! But I am getting sick of this lady cashing them early, it is the 3rd month in a row!

I had to login to my TD account tonight and I have a joint account with my daughter that her rent comes out of. Anyway I covered it and wont know until morning if TD will cover it or not.

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