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22-Aug-2015 09:09

Another basic tenet Freeman established is the direction of payment.Porn stars aren't doing prostitution, according to the California Supreme Court, because they are paid by a third party rather than by the person they are having sex with."I get a call once a month from somebody who decides that they have found the magic way to harness the power of to run a brothel," Randazza said, "And it's always a guy wearing a fucking undershirt who should be on Jersey Shore or who looks like the guy who did the 4Chan murder.It's always some creepy dude." In order for that special blend of and constitutional freedom of expression to apply, a person has to be able to show that a paid sexual performance was for the purpose of distribution—and not just for jollies.Randazza explained that the differentiation between pornography and prostitution generally refers back to a 1988 California Supreme Court case, .

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"If Tom Cruise auctioned off the ability to appear in his next movie, what the winning bidder gets is the opportunity to star in this movie.

That's what they are winning," Las Vegas-based adult industry attorney Marc Randazza told VICE.

It's the second adult film role auction that Adult Verified Video Chat has hosted; the ​first​ gave bidders a chance to star with squirting queen ​ in August, and a spokesperson for the site said they hope to start hosting multiple auctions per year.

While at first glance the concept of someone bidding thousands of dollars (the Harper auction's opening bid was ,500—and hasn't changed, at the time of publication) to have sex with a porn star in front of a video crew might seem like prostitution, adult industry experts say it's not.

Image courtesy of Adult Verified Video Chat Porn stars get paid to have sex. The winner must undergo industry-standard, third party testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as submit two valid forms of government-issued identification in compliance with​​ ​2257 regulations​, part of the US's stringent record-keeping stipulations imposed upon pornographers. A spokesperson for Adult Verified Video Chat told VICE that the age requirement for the auction caps at 50 because "that was one of Dillon's requests." The winner also has to provide his or her own transportation to Las Vegas, where the scene will shoot in late January. And now porn stars are letting fans pay for the chance to have sex with them on camera. On November 1, the website ​​​Adult Verified Video Chat​​ announced that it was auctioning off the chance to appear in a scene with popular porn actress ​​ doesn't blatantly state that the winner will have sex with Harper, it is implied by certain requirements.

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