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19-May-2015 03:21

If my friends have seen these accounts with my face on them, who else has?"I'm already in a relationship, the last thing I'd be doing is looking on a dating site.Identity theft is nothing new, but it's on the rise.Figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) show a 33 per cent increase in reported cases in 2014 alone.

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But the problem is; some of those profiles you're swiping, aren't exactly what they seem.It's jut so awful." Straight away, she emailed the app’s customer service team to see if they could offer any help.“All I had was the picture and a location, but I assumed that the website would have strict rules about its users taking other people’s identities without permission,” she said.“It is a frightening reality that you can have your private photos, and other information, used and distributed without your knowledge or permission.

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The security issues surrounding this type of identity theft can be wide ranging.” Fake profiles on Tinder may appear harmless.But the scammers often use bots (software that can answer questions with automated responses) to steal your information (known as phishing), send you to external sites to get you to sign up for services - or initiate contact with people looking for a date.