Ps3 portable id not updating chengdu dating service

13-Jan-2015 07:28

For the record, you need to go to and, after you login, click on the blue "REFRESH" button. I would swear that my Portable ID used to auto-update regularly, but it stopped doing so years ago.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I tried logging into the portable id and I am still having the same bug with the broken image for my psn id.

I think the current URL is https:// but the feature seems to have been broken since last June, as discussed in this thread: is a third-party alternative.

You're missing that it's a feature of every BGG user's profile.

Sadly I cant do it on the website until they update the model numbers though.

If anyone knows why its 0 instead of 4 (I think its 4, thereabouts anyways) can you please tell me?

I was wondering which blue refresh icon you are referring to?

They have changed their site a bit and I cannot find any 3rd party settings or answers on which settings to change in the FAQ.

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Though it says I have zero trophy I actually dont, I have 4 ;) Im not sure why its displaying as 0 though.Maybe because I havent registered my PS3 on the Playstation website (though ive tied the account on my PS3).