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09-Nov-2015 13:37

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Should you address it right off the bat or treat it like the elephant in the room?

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She changed the saturation on the photograph on the right to highlight the effect of psoriasis, adding that most people looked at the left in person and didn't notice much but dry spots here and there 'Skin conditions are not cosmetic issues,' she wrote.'They cause physical pain and suffering and oftentimes a feeling of being trapped in your own body, on top of the social anxiety many people face because of them.Some of my clients who have psoriasis are worried about dating: They wonder if their date will stare at their psoriasis or ask questions.Some avoid the swimming pool because they don't want people to stare, and some wear pants and long sleeves in desert-like weather because they are so self-conscious.

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Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition and a common skin disease that affects approximately one million Canadians.

For most Canadians, summer is all about shedding the layers to beat the heat and enjoy the sunshine.