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Because his concepts seem to converge with and supplement those proposed by Bakhtin, I shall attempt to assess their utility for intertextual approaches to the media.

For a very long time the main means of orientation in intercultural transfers were provided by foreign culture experts and intermediaries in education, media, and research.

They even explore the rap ballad with “Mind Sex,” in which the two invite women to do more than just behave as submissive, self-serving objects of sexual gratification.

This meaningful, culturally conscious album, which is marked by backdrops of startling, occasionally somber beats, provokes deep thought.

Admittedly, the theoretical work of Mikhail Bakhtin and of course, literary theory and literary analysis.

I wish to examine some of the new possibilities afforded by the Bakhtinian concepts, as well as some of these concepts inherent limitations.Although studies of intertextuality originally emerged within the context of literary theory, they have since been made to encompass other areas.

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