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You're welcome to use items on this list as negative examples or squicks.

Not all kinks are created equal, and for every one that makes you go "EWW!

Not that this is always a bad thing: Often the dated vision of the future is a lot more imaginative than anything being attempted today, with more modern, "realistic" depictions striking viewers as bland and boring precisely because of the authenticity.

Gets its name and definition from Sometimes Zeerust is present in Retraux form. Compare The Aesthetics of Technology, Crystal Spires and Togas, I Want My Jet Pack, Hollywood History, Punk Punk, Steam Never Dies, Schizo Tech, Science Marches On, 20 Minutes into the Future, Retro Universe. In the first song, "Trans-Island Skyway", the narrator tells us he is about to embark on a journey in his new dream-car, a custom-tooled Kamakiri.

"Kinks" is used here as a broad term that includes emotional, plot-related, and sexual kinks.

We could go into detail about why these often combine together to heighten one's response to a work, but I think it might be self-evident so we'll be sparing you all that.

Sometimes the dated feeling is due to the blatant extrapolation of trends ascendant when the work was written into the far future. It's possible that the prediction turned out to be technologically or aesthetically correct (or at least on the right track), but the prediction still fails because of the would-be prophet's implicit assumption that social values will be the same in the future as in his or her own time (as demonstrated in the page image).

The datedness behind zeerusty designs lies in the attempt of the past designers to get an advantage over the technology of their time, only to find out that more mundane designs are actually far more efficient if advanced engineering and craftsmanship are used on them.

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