Quiz dating skills

21-Dec-2014 12:44

When it comes to dating they are the type of person that likes to pick the restaurant, pick the wine, pick the movie, and often suffers when they aren’t running the show.

Instead of leaving subtle hints, commit to having an honest conversation.Remember, your partner isn’t a detective, so leaving these understated clues isn’t going to help, and on the flip side, having a full-blown screaming match with your partner is only going to shut down the communication lines altogether.It’s important to continue on this path of truthfulness and sincerity with your partner.Even if situations arise when you’re tempted to fib, or avoid certain topics altogether, these choices in the short-term will only hurt you in the long run.

If you commit to keeping your communication levels high, the success of your relationship will be high as well.

You and your partner have good communication skills, but there’s room for growth.