Radiocarbon dating new zealand

04-Nov-2014 00:59

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Their results do not support previous radiocarbon dating of Pacific rat bones.Their study is the first time that the actual sites involved in the original study have been re-excavated and analyzed.Radiocarbon dating of kiore bones suggests they were introduced to New Zealand c. However, these radiocarbon ages are controversial because there is no supporting ecological and archaeological evidence for the presence of kiore or humans until c. An international team of researchers, led by Dr Janet Wilmshurst from Landcare Research, spent 4 years on a study which shows conclusively that the earliest evidence for human colonisation is about 1280-1300 AD, and no earlier.They based their results on new radiocarbon dating of Pacific rat bones and rat-gnawed seeds.This paper considers the reliability of radiocarbon dates of moa eggshell from archaeological sites in New Zealand.In the light of certain problems associated with alternative materials, it is suggested that eggshell is a reliable material which survives well in archaeological contexts, possesses a minimal inbuilt age and usually dates the event in question most accurately.

The study, one of the largest studies of its kind, has shown that the country was not visited by humans over 2000 years ago, as some previous research suggests.The work is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States.