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11-Aug-2016 03:56

In addition to this is the possibility of seeing their winning design brought to life.

“With around 2 million square feet of exhibition space, the Milano Trade Fair is rated as one of the world’s best international design trade fairs and is sure to thrill any design enthusiast.

This paves the way for continual innovation and a fresh approach when it comes to public space design.

“With this in mind, there’s a fantastic opportunity in this year’s competition for compelling functional design that combines a focus on real-world challenges like water and energy conservation, and specific user requirements like facilities for people with disabilities, with strong on-trend aesthetics,” explains Cobra Product Manager, Ramielle de Jager.

“Entrants can totally reinvent the public restroom, or reimagine its functioning as never seen before.

Apart from energy and water conservation, designs should also consider hygiene, vandalism, product integration, ease of installation, and cost and availability of manufacturing materials.

Entries can focus on any of the following products or combination of products (multiple entries permitted): basin and tap/mixer; shower facilities, including a mixer/tap and shower head (i.e.

for communal ablutions, at the beach etc.); toilet and/or urinal, including a flush system; and a restroom for people with disabilities.

All creative and aspirant South African designers (not just professional designers) are invited to enter the 2016 Cobra Product Design Competition which, for the first time in its four-year history, turns its attention exclusively to public restroom design.

“Although public spaces have come a long way in recent years, the very nature of these areas means the challenges encountered therein are constantly evolving.

Ultimately we’re looking for entries that express a communal design identity, and that are highly innovative and creative,” de Jager adds.The biggest drawcard this year is a trip to the Selone Milano Trade Fair in Italy, valued at R50 000 per person which will be awarded to the winners of the student and professional/other categories.

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