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04-May-2015 02:43

Linen develops a gradually deepening sepia color over time.

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Presumably, the experts' eye sight was not sufficiently degraded that they were all legally blind.

But that is the belief of many, of not most, of the members of the STURP team -- a group of American scientists who started to study the shroud in 1978.

It would have been an act of extreme carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

Carbon-14 radiometric measurements have had an excellent track record and are the analytical technique of choice. As linen ages, the vanillin content declines and eventually becomes undetectable.

He accepts a well known theory -- believed by many who reject the Carbon-14 dating of the shroud in 1988 -- that the small sample of the shroud which was submitted for testing was not actually a piece of the original shroud.

It was either: "As unlikely as it seems, the sample used to test the age of the shroud in 1988 was taken from a rewoven area of the shroud. The yarn has the same twist as the main part of the cloth, and it was stained to match the color." It is difficult to conceive how scientists, who were given the task of removing a representative sample from the shroud for testing, could have removed cloth from a patched section.