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02-Feb-2015 00:50

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"Let's make outlandish inappropriate comments and get more PR and all of a sudden we don't need a marketing budget."Pick-up artists came to prominence after the 2005 release of a non-fiction book chronicling a reporter's journey into the seduction community.

In , Neil Strauss tells the story of how, frustrated with his own romantic life, he stumbled upon a mysterious subculture of pick-up artists, and then pursued them through online discussion groups, learning their skills through workshops, before finally becoming a recognised PUA himself.

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There had already been a petition calling for his deportation, and according to reports the wanted man was not even in the country anymore. More than a year ago, in November 2014, another RSD instructor had to cut short his Australian tour after protests against his seminars. The RSD controversy raises questions about what is acceptable pick-up behaviour, at what point a seduction workshop becomes simply a users guide to preying on women, whether RSD is a violent outlier or part of a spectrum of sleaze.

Mashiko's journey is set against the broader story of the evolution of the pick-up industry.