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03-Jul-2016 18:12

Back in 1984, Reagan was debating Democratic nominee Walter Mondale when the subject of age came into the discussion.

By doing this the system will place the record into the original capture date inside the system and allow you to search based on the original capture instead of the date the lead was sent to your instance.

However, there are a few things to note if your providers will be utilizing the Origintime field. The required format for origintime is: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS **(Partial formats are accepted as long as YYYY-MM-DD are passed the record will be back dated)** 2.

We’ve recently rolled out a new field called origintime .

This field allows your provider to pass the original capture date of the record in on the string, and Waypoint Software will then take the date and time from this field and update the Insert Time of the record.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both vying to make history, and it would date back to Ronald Reagan.

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The newspaper quoted multiple sources noting that advanced age is less of a concern than in the past and that we're an aging country.

As the following chart from indicates, both Trump and Clinton would also match up with Reagan when it comes to age on their last day in office if they win re-election.

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