Red couch dating why dating is not good

23-May-2016 23:44

On the nights when we wouldn’t overindulge in junk food we spent hours in the upper lounge of our dorm where we would cozy into plush, purple faux leather chairs and talk, mostly nonsense.

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These evenings happened more regularly than recommended but we always looked forward to them.

You’ll cringe when I tell you the menu but like most meals, what matters most is who was there when you shared it.

The cherries looked plump like the cows in Gabe’s drawings as they soaked up the wine and made a syrup of what liquid remained.

Earlier in the day the kids and I crafted with meringue.

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We created intricate worlds with fat, goofy looking cows; their necks a single line, bodies plump and speckled with black squiggly spots. While I, the art major, focused on realism, he showed that it’s okay not to take yourself too seriously. I asked him to draw one for you – ridiculous right?!

For our date night last week I was feeling particularly tired and could not will myself to pull together a nice meal for just the two of us. It was as if the memory of our early dating days surfaced as I sent Gabe to the store for Cool Ranch Doritios while I made us an Eton Mess in which I simmered tart dried cherries in a hearty red wine along with cardamom, vanilla bean and a bit of sugar.