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From Data Communications to large scale commercial and industrial projects to alternative energy services, we do it all.

Morrow-Meadows Corporation’s mission is: Morrow-Meadows has established long standing and deep relationships with a wide variety of customers, some that go back over fifty years.

We value and listen to our customers and believe a true partnership always generates quality results.

“Morrow Meadows has been proactive from beginning to end.

Every Morrow Meadows employee understands that we are a family that is part of a collaborative team.

We involve all project members as early as possible to plan for quality assurance, safety, timeliness and cost effectiveness on every project for our customers.

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The complex diversity of our project portfolio includes Hospitals, High Tech, Museums, Sporting Facilities, Data Centers, High Rise, Bio Tech, Solar, Alternative Energy and Industrial work, which is just a small sampling of what we have helped build.

Morrow-Meadows Corporation is a full-service electrical contracting company Incorporated in 1964, providing solutions to clients in a wide range of industries along the West Coast.

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