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15-Jan-2015 16:09

This can involve giving him a glance from across the room ending with a smile.

The best distance to do this from is far enough so that he isn't able to project his voice towards you.

Checkpoint: If you are laughing at all his jokes, he is going to catch on sooner or later, i.e.

The best and worst dating advice comes from your friends.

Reddit is a safe haven to share anything, including dating advice. Here are some highlight that just happen to be really good dating advice.

Apparently guys don't like it when you take out your phone around them. While less fortunate others, have been left out flat. So no matter what you do don't pull your phone out while on a date. You may be giving him mixed signals by not calling back to set the date for the second time you meet the guy in public, but as long as you should be find.

That is why hiding your phone may as well be the best dating advice you can get to not get left by the guy you like. However, note that not calling him back will only leave him dazed and confused.

Remember that if you are going to follow up on a date, It's best to Keep it short But sweat.

Laugh at his jokes, but have the decency to let him know when he is not funny.

This can be done best by making fun of him in some way or form.

So if you thought your first date was great, following up is a must.

Not only that, it will leave him thinking about what you two should do the next time you meet.

When following up, don't make it too obvious that you really like him.

Case and point: Not calling or texting him after getting together will not work to your advantage in getting him to like you.

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