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The current day-of-week could have been (re-)calculated by non-relative parts of the date/time string however.

Note: Relative month values are calculated based on the length of months that they pass through.

'sunday' | 'monday' | 'tuesday' | 'wednesday' | 'thursday' | 'friday' | 'saturday' | 'sun' | 'mon' | 'tue' | 'wed' | 'thu' | 'fri' | 'sat''first' | 'second' | 'third' | 'fourth' | 'fifth' | 'sixth' | 'seventh' | 'eighth' | 'ninth' | 'tenth' | 'eleventh' | 'twelfth' | 'next' | 'last' | 'previous' | 'this'(('sec' | 'second' | 'min' | 'minute' | 'hour' | 'day' | 'fortnight' | 'forthnight' | 'month' | 'year') 's'? This makes "+1 week july 2008" and "july 2008 +1 week" equivalent.

Exceptions to this rule are: "yesterday", "midnight", "today", "noon" and "tomorrow".

Note that expressions such as “last day of” and “first day of” imply a day of a month, not, for example of the year or week.

So, expressions, such as “first day of this year” will give the first day of this month, with no apparent regard for the year.

In my example when the code is ran at 2016-04-06, 1st of april will be a Friday, since Calendars typically start on monday, this is the date you might want, in this case this would be 28th of March.

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Note that "tomorrow " and " tomorrow" are different.

Considering today's date of "July 23rd, 2008" the first one produces "2008-07-24 " where as the second one produces "2008-07-24 ".