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24-May-2016 05:01

is Lena available today at 7pm) ⇨ Coordinator say you location ⇨ We confirm time with girl for fun ⇨ You should confirm booking before 1 hour or 30 minutes ⇨ When you are in the hotel, call or sms to get room number ⇨ You get room number, then go to elevator, room ⇨ Real girl opens the door ⇨ you pay money and enjoy your time.?

A big part of the campaign is encouraging people sharing their awkward moments.

We hope this video will get people thinking differently about sex and disability – but also prompt people to share their stories and get involved at our Awkward hub.


6 July is International Kissing Day and we’ve produced a new video to celebrate, ahead of a whole season of End The Awkward activity.