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17-Dec-2015 06:38

Interviews about massage parlor brothels and sex trafficking were conducted with public officials, law enforcement personnel, social justice groups, faith-based organizations, and victim service providers.To research the history of decriminalization, the trial transcripts, affidavits, motions, and briefs of the federal case were analyzed.

Asian massage parlors were the focus of the research since they advertise publicly, making them easier to research than other brothels in Rhode Island.The massage parlor advertisements and the reported experiences of “johns” were monitored for indications of sex trafficking.Rhode Island is one of only three states that have not had a human trafficking prosecution.Rhode Island has had no prosecutions of sex trafficking since the state anti-trafficking law was passed in 2007.

Rhode Island is the only state in the United States where prostitution is decriminalized indoors.

Since decriminalization in 1980, the sex industry has expanded and Rhode Island has become a destination for commercial sex in New England.