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26-Jul-2015 20:24

If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to have the dating success that we do on a regular basis.

You can flip through our list of tips, you can go through each individual guide, or you can look at all of the in-depth reviews of Canadian dating websites that we’ve collected and compiled for you.

We put these together because we WANT you to succeed.

Our dating tips are meant to be used, not hoarded away.

Yes, we’re actually giving you our best secrets, so don’t worry that we’re trying to keep all the beautiful women to ourselves.

We have tried and true dating tips that we’re going to share with YOU.

We’ve had to go about it the hard way ourselves, because we were basically floundering around in the dark with no one to tell us how to use dating sites and which tips and tricks worked in Canada.

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You aren’t going to get one by the ways you’ve always heard men get dates—finding them at bookshops and through the friend of a friend.You have to look at where these women really are, and go to THEM.