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I prefer the ending would be like this hope they can meet each others and build a family. My rating 100/100 Over highly extremely recommended ! Really caught my interest in tbe first episode lol.. First one hates the other, but some times after that they become a couples?! goodjob for all of the cast I don't understand why everyone is annoyed with the ending. They kept the consistency of the main point in this drama which is to show how natural human beings be in the real world. Also the events are not made up for the sake of dramas only.

Between i love this drama too because Kim Go-Eun quite fuuny and adorable. my favorite series I've seen so far 4 times I love this drama i hoped it be a 20-episode (Park Hae-Jin & Kim Go-Eun 유♥웃 ❤ I love this couple Their love is so beautiful I watch them all smiling ( ^◡^) I 100% agree with @Angel Zhou's comment. It was beautifully acted and written (both the webtoon and drama). Please viewers don't read those haters comments then the whole drama would be ruined so make sure to watch this beautiful drama ! And also this drama is a must watch for those people who watch those useless American TV series ! Took away from the actors' effort by not bringing this to a satifykng conclusion. i love this kdrama though the endinggg im not quite satisfied arghhhhh. Go oppa park hae jin saranghhaeeeeee @toni B yeah I also noticed the couple clothes of Seol n Yooyung. Unlike other dramas with main lead's perfection from head to toe, Cheesee in The Trap shows us how natural the leads are, with their ultimate imperfections. Hurrying over university's academic site to save most favorable class, fighting over some class notes, etc.

This is one of the few of kdrama with realistic storyline. This drama will be my all time favorite despite of people hating on the ending. All the cast even min soo and kang chul is amazing. It has the most perfectly realistic and this amazing plot! I was once A fan and once I stared kdrama now I know those American once are bullshit!!! Even the gradual development of today's romance relationship is really, really naturally portrayed by the story, unlike other dramas which have both lead magically fell all over in love.

Also, another reason why the drama ended in the way it did was because of the ending of the webtoon itself. Yoo Jung is quite pitiful T_T but then I like the story very much.. In Ho is everyone favorite character I like his eyes :) , but for me, Yoo Jung is the one who captured Seol and my heart. But he showing his love to Seol in a unique way and very deep. And it is so natural for couple, who seem to be very in love, to break up.

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Even thought i wanted to be dissapointed with the ending of the drama, I just couldn't bcs I love the drama and webtoon so much ❤ @Gracie, i don't know if you're aware that this drama was based on a webtoon of the same title. They were trying to make the drama story line as well as styles as close as possible to the webtoon I love every character in this drama.. Baek In Ho ( Seo kang-joon) and Baek In ha (Lee Sung-kyung) really looks like a real siblings.. And you started to wonder, if they were so in love before, why did they break up and become exs? So, for not letting the spectator's ego for a perfect romance get in the way, and for keeping this drama real and class... should have given more priority to Jung but this DRAMA IS A LIFE LEARNING LESSON TO THE SOCIETY and plus it made me feel good about people and don't suspect them everytime. the best acting in the world, they both together made it real and it is phenomenal . if u all don't like the drama shut the the f**** up and wait, without putting up bad comments on all websites. the people in this world is so crazily out of their bulshitting minds. dramas like cheese in the trap should be flooded with awards , instead of those annoying cliche dramas. this is the first time in my life, i used this bulshit of swear words. this drama should be the best ever drama in the world.

I was very disappointed to see the behavior yoo jung.

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