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26-Feb-2016 20:55

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She (as Alice) and Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana), portray pals who pose as the perfect wedding dates, so they can score a free trip to Hawaii with Zac and Adam De Vine’s titular sibling characters.Known for her quirky humor, especially in her tweets, Anna will likely come up with a fun book, which is coming out in November.” The actress’ other credits include playing Cinderella in “Into the Woods,” Becca and Jessica in the “Pitch Perfect” and “Twilight” movie series, respectively.Anna stars with Zac Efron in the comedy, Jake Szymanski’s “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” about two brothers who place an online ad to find dates for a wedding.

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There are literally hundreds of people making decisions. I was stone-cold sober and I don’t remember half of this movie, because we were making it so fast, and we were “improv-ing” so much.Who else makes you do stuff that you usually do not dare do? It means that your motivations can be a little strange. I loved the idea that this girl is good-intentioned, but so damaged. But I do feel there’s something funny about someone who is so broken that she is destroying everything around her—and she doesn’t even notice. Trying to outdo and out crazy the boys was a fun challenge. I applaud people who are brave enough to do online dating. It must set you up for years of therapy from meeting different kinds of crazy people and the rejection. Aubrey Plaza said she likes to be courted as if it were the Middle Ages. “Scrappy Little Nobody” is described as an “autobiographical collection of essays, which amusingly recounts memorable moments throughout her life, from her middle class upbringing in New England, to the blockbuster movies that have made her one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses today.” Excerpts from our talk: Apparently, your coming book will include your memories of being on the set of the “Twilight” movies. There is so much in the book that I ended up devoting a whole chapter to it (“Twilight”). One of the things that I write about is the day that we shot the dream sequence where I was in a pile of dead bodies. Everything is about my childhood and my experience in Hollywood so far. Obviously, family is one of those situations that is often so ridiculous that it’s funny, but it’s still very honest.Kristen (Stewart) and Robert (Pattinson) are standing on top of us, because Bella is having a dream where we’re all dead. I wanted to do something that was entirely my own because, on a film set, you are collaborating with so many people. Playing a character who’s taking drugs, getting naked and running around with horses is a less common occurrence. There was so much improv on the set that I don’t remember half of this movie.

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I would say that Zac is such a good guy but, for me, he was a bit of a bad influence because I am usually not the person to jump off a cliff into a waterfall. Do you identify at all with your character, because she is a bit extreme and we can see that she is a wounded soul? If it’s something where I wear pants with an elastic waistband, that would be better for me. Sometimes, it would carry over into real life, and I would start yelling at the director. Boys didn’t like me when I was 10, so I have gotten used to it.But when he was doing it, I felt like, well, I would be an idiot not to do it, right? I have a lot of fun playing characters who are that kind of stupid. I wish them the best of luck, because I can imagine how scary it would be for anybody to put yourself out there for anybody to see. It doesn’t get easier, but I have coping mechanisms, which are usually me doing journal entries—and a lot of ice cream.

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