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Check out the most popular questions to get started: How do I start RPing? You don’t have to RP with them long term if they aren’t your classification (Completely opposing RP styles, fluency issues, age differences, serious vs. I might write a thing about this later.) but you’ll get responses from them and it’s good to RP with them as practice. You’re going to find shitty RPers everywhere, and no site is safe.

To find a roleplaying buddy you just gotta get out there and roleplay with the masses. Going into a public area, posting an open post, and hoping someone would reply? They see a good post, or a good profile, and they’re like “Hey you intrigue me” and the world starts rolling.

Please share us with your friends and don't be shy! It’s like roleplay, but without the aggravation of finding people to do the other half with you.

However, warning, if you are easily offended: this journal may not be for you. (Which yes, makes the critical thinking part easier on you and means you don’t flex the muscle as much.

Selecting a universe Creating a character Layouts Behavior Owning the RPGCommunity Q&A Online roleplaying is a fun way to make friends, be your favorite character (or original character), and enhance your writing skills.

Below are steps (some are meant to be humorous) you should know how to be a good one, not a jerk.

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If you like your information with a side of snark, off-color humor, and a touch of annoyed, you'll fit right in. A or Magic Anon Post The Big Book of Writing Sex; A Tactless Resource! aka The Roleplaying Sins A Guide to the Legality of Sexual RP with IRL Minors About Uragani! But eh…)As for my RP recommendations Well I have a few places I’ve gone for roleplay.As a rule this blog will never change names, or delete any post not tagged 'to be deleted' so users can feel safe bookmarking. Our additional blog, for helpful reblogs relating to research, writing ,and roleplay is 3daysofbread! Remember though, EVERY site has chaff in the form of roleplayers who aren’t very good. Er, but back to the intention of this paragraph before I started nattering.Plus if you RP with a shitty roleplayer (sorry folks, there are shitty RPers, not every one is out to be a good one) people will A.) See you RPing with anyone and it helps ease social issues, B.) see you in RPing which means they can get to know your style, and C.) you get to practice! So don’t let a couple of idjits run you off if they aren’t what you expect, when time passes different people roleplay. These are just ones I know about, so it’s a little limited.I’ll add “Anon Comments” with their suggestions later on.

This blog is here to help answer questions and give information for both roleplayers and writers alike. Well, I mean this is clearly a fantastic age for roleplayers. A quick google search can find you a ton of places to roleplay, and if you do have RP buddies you can always ask them what they recommend.

If you need information I'll research it and give you answers. Before I continue on this, I want to note that writing fanfics, or original stories is a great way to improve your writing.