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However, there are also common first declension nouns that are masculine.

Latin imports from Greek, like the great Roman hero Aeneas, show first declension nominative singular endings in ās, ēs, and ē.

Gill Latin has different endings for the 3 persons singular and the 3 persons plural.

The plural is often in a second column to the right of the singulars, but on this page it is below the singulars.

The endings of the first declension in all the cases are:singularnominative -agenitive -aedative -aeaccusative -amablative -āpluralnominative -aegenitive -ārumdative -īsaccusative -āsablative -ī s The vocative is the same as the nominative. The ablative singular a-ending has a macron or long mark on it when the font permits.

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The one with the nominative in "a" -- una -- is feminine, as are most of the nouns in the first declension.

Gill The ending on first declension nouns is characterized by an "a." With many Latin adjectives, there are three forms, e.g., unus, una, unum (one).

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