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Dating expert Gina Stewart's mantra is "Get more dates!" When writing an online dating profile, she says there are two methodologies to consider — the first in line with her tagline, which will result in "meeting people and figuring out how you mesh in person, because that is the most important." But maybe you've already met enough people.Here's Stewart's two cents on that: "You can also write your profile to be appealing in a more selective way.(Note: That's totally OK too, and there are lots of reasons to go that route.But if you want love, I'd suggest giving a few of these ideas a try.) I suppose it can be scary to be so upfront in a profile — admitting you're looking for love has a certain ring to it, and that ring might scare of someone who's emotionally unavailable.

But that's for the best, because those people are probably not looking for love.

Here are the experts' best tips on what to do and how to be while trying to attract love online.

But dating online has a particularly bad rap, especially in the age of Tinder, where "sup" is a complete sentence and dudes you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley (much less a bar or coffee shop) are lurking beyond each swipe. Sometimes, though, it can seem unlikely that this particular experience could happen to you.

But it happens every day: Two people meet online, decide to hang in real life, have a good time together and do it again. With that in mind, I asked eight experts how to find a partnership online.

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If you've ever participated in online dating, you know it can be rough out there.

Well, actually, if you've ever participated in dating, you know it can be rough.