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22-Sep-2016 20:24

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Krebs' article contains "false and defamatory statements," according to Bhatia's lawyer. He did not bulk exfiltrate this data or attempt to alter it." Krebs says he is standing by his post, and has "no intention of posting a retraction or correcting any elements of this story." Now, there is a strange discrepancy between a letter sent from Bhatia's lawyer Daniel Naymark and an earlier statement issued by Ashley Madison — with Naymark disputing the accuracy of the latter.

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Krebs reported that these emails included an exchange between Biderman and Bhatia from November 2012.The ex-exec tells the CEO that "nerve's dating site has a huge security hole," and was able to gain access to "all their user records including emails, encrypted password, if they purchased or not, who they talked to, what their search preferences are," and more.