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Based on Codemasters' initial press release, highlights of the expansion pack include: Unlike the original 1985 Cold War Crisis Campaign and the more recent Red Hammer Campaign, where you play the US NATO and Russian sides respectively, in Resistance you'll be playing on the side of the local natives, that is, as a resistance fighter against the invading Russian forces.On February 24 2002, Viktor Bocan, BIS' chief designer of the Resistance expansion pack, gave this exclusive interview to Tiscali Games, of the Czech Republic.No details have been released yet on what new weapon models will be available.It does appear, however, that OFP Resistance will introduce handguns into the game.More pre-release articles about OFP Resistance can be found at: If you want the latest pre-release in-games screen pics of OFP Resistance, you can download these from Codemasters and view new mission and cutscene pics on BIS' Resistance picture page.One of the new pictures in the above-mentioned articles shows a resistance fighter in civilian clothing with a shoulder holster.There will also be bridges running across rivers and streams.

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Towards the end of February 2002, BIS opened OFP Resistance's official WEB site.

In April, Codemasters opened their own Resistance site.